Trenching Safety Course

Pro-Tech Training Services offers a Trenching Safety course in two formats – a half day overview or a full day course with CEU points for Water Waste Water departments.

The purpose of the course is to:

  • Reduce the incidence of injury by understanding the fundamentals of soil composition and the requirements and procedures needed to reduce cave-ins
  • Reduce risk of injury by recognizing other dangers of the job-site
  • Understand and apply shoring techniques
  • Review Occupational Health & Safety Regulations concerning Trenching & Shoring activities at the job site

The course consists of:

  • Facilitator will deliver an in-class presentation on “Trenching Safety”
  • Participants will review Legislative Requirements surrounding trenching, excavation and shoring requirements for utility companies
  • Shoring principals and how to inspect for damages will be discussed, as well as how to inspect environment for potential trench wall collapse
  • Site and worker protection will be focused on in detail
  • Formal review will be conducted at end of course

On completion of this course, operators will have a good understanding of the requirements and procedures that need to be taken to stabilize the job site and prevent injuries to the public and themselves at the worksite. Management will be provided with course outline, test papers and attendance record for training file.

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