Air Brake Refresher Training

The purpose of this course is to:

  • To enable participants to understand the airbrake systems of commercial vehicles and to analyze for problems in order to facilitate repairs
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment downtime
  • Reduce /eliminate CVOR points and fines due to defective brake system components
  • Understand legislative requirements involving commercial airbrake systems and how they apply to Daily Inspection

The course will provide in-class instruction on airbrake system and how to identify defects as well as practical instruction on vehicle. There will be review questions at end of session. Total course duration is 12 horus. Equipment to be provided by the client.

Upon successful completion the candidates will have an understanding of how an airbrake system works and how to properly inspect and analyze the system for defects. Test results and training records will be provided for drivers files.

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Pro-Tech also offers a full 12-hour Air Brake Training course.