Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to:

  • To assess the on road driving performance of commercial drivers
  • Evaluate a drivers awareness of driving related tasks
  • Assist in the ongoing development of your driver training program

The consultant will carry out a one-on-one evaluation of the driver in a variety of road environments and conditions, observing the skills and knowledge of the candidate. The results of these assessments will enable the consultant to provide the candidate with proper techniques in areas of deficiencies and will provide the employer with a fact based assessment of where further training for their staff is required. It is a best industry practice and usually beneficial for insurance purposes and MTO facility audits.

Vehicle Required: For the class of License possessed by the candidate.

The assessment consists of two parts : (1) Proper daily inspection to MTO requirements, and (2) Road assessment to MTO requirements.
Consultant will provide employer with appropriate documentation for employee’s file.

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We also offer a Daily Inspection course for Commercial Vehicles