Driver Improvement Courses

How Do Your Driving Skills Rate?

Are you aware of conditions around you that may contribute to becoming involved in an accident or causing other to become involved in one? What about the legal issues surrounding every day driving and how about keeping insurance costs down?

Pro-Tech Training Services offers three Canada Safety Council defensive driver awareness training courses in conjunction with Ontario Safety League. The fourth defensive driving course is an Ontario Safety League course that is approved by the courts to deliver to participants that have or will be required to appear before the courts on a driving related charge.

PDIC – Professional Driver Improvement

This course deals with safe operation of commercial vehicles in the driving environment. Defensive Driver Training is recommended by the Ministry of Transportation as part of a company’s CVOR training program.

As an employer, you have a large investment in your drivers. This course will help in:

  • reducing collisions
  • reduce vehicle abuse
  • reduce injuries
  • reduce operating costs

DDC – Defensive Driving Course

This course is designed to deal with safe operation of cars and light trucks, SUV’s etc. Participants will be provided with current regulations and taught how to survive in today’s driving environment. Six conditions that affect driving are discussed as well as topics such as passing, intersection maneuvering, road and space management and a host of other methods to keep you safe and make driving a little more enjoyable.

55 Alive Mature Driving

Renewing your driving skills for today’s traffic. Even if you have been a good driver for most of your life without having an accident it may be a good idea to renew your driving skills. As we age our mental and physical capacities begin to change and we need to learn to adjust our skills to compensate for these to stay safe on the highway.

PADW – Pro-Active Driving Workshop

The objective of this course is to reduce preventable deaths, injuries and destruction on roads through public education and safety awareness. Research has proven that graduates experience lower rates of traffic collisions and receive fewer traffic violations. Completing this driving program, you will have opportunity to: correct unsafe driving habits that you have developed over time, recognize the role attitude plays in driving, have a better understanding of road safety, traffic laws and the importance of being a proactive driver.

Who Should Attend?

Any licensed driver interested in improving his/her driving performance. Candidates who have been recommended by the Ontario courts or their paralegal.

 Call Pro-Tech Training Services to register for any one of these courses at our training facility in Napanee or your own location throughout Eastern Ontario: 613 354-7007