Hours of Service

Fatigue has been proven to be a safety hazard for commercial drivers. Violation of regulated limits can have a detrimental effect on carriers’ operating record, profits and road safety. As ‘Hours of Work’ legislation has an impact on many areas of a commercial fleets operation; drivers, supervisors, dispatchers, trainers and other safety personnel must have a good understanding of duty cycles and limits.

This three hour presentation will enable your staff to better understand how to achieve and monitor driver and carrier compliance with Hours of Service. The objective it to:

  • Understand ‘Hours of Service’ the purpose and application of
  • Responsibilities of driver and fleet operators regarding the maintenance of driver duty status
  • Demonstrate the correct method of documentation, (daily logs/time records)

This is a three hour in class presentation / workshop with a maximum 20 participants. Facilities to be supplied by company/organization.
Upon course completion, facilitator will provide management with the overall results and provide training records for driver files.

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