School Bus Professional Driver Improvement Course

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Prepares candidates with the necessary qualifications to obtain and maintain Class B&E School Bus Licence
  • Refresher for current bus drivers
  • Elevate drivers’ awareness of the driving-related tasks through facilitated discussions
  • Assist companies in developing long term driver improvement strategies

The facilitator will deliver the provincially mandated course to potential class B & E school bus drivers. This program can also be given to current B & E Class drivers as a Defensive Driver refresher course. It is a one day 6 1/2 hour course to be held at client provided facilities. It requires a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 20.

The course will cover the following:

  • Focus on school bus situations
  • Principals and foundations of professional driving
  • Skills, knowledge and attitudes for driving
  • Visual habits for driving
  • Space cushion driving
  • Collision avoidance strategies
  • Sharing the road with other users
  • Child safety
  • Passenger management
  • Emergency procedures

Upon completion, the participants will receive a certificate from OSL and Ministry of Transportation approval to obtain licence. For participants taking course as a refresher, only the OSL certificate will be given. Company management will receive required documentation for employee file.

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