Surface Miner Overview

Pro-Tech Training Services provides training on:


This course provides modular training for production employees working full and part-time in a Surface Mining operation. These employees must be trained and accredited in the Surface Miner Common Core and in the Speciality modules which pertain to their area of work.

The following three modules of the Common Core must be completed by production employees within the first twelve months of their employment:

  • Work Safely in the Job Environment
  • Perform General Lock Out and Tag on Primer Movers and other related equipment
  • Operate Hand and Power Tools

Specialty Modules:

  • Operate Hydraulic Excavator
  • Operate Grader
  • Operate Skid Steer
  • Operate Front End Loader
  • Operate Portable Conveyor
  • Operate Portable Crusher
  • Operate Portable Screen
  • Operate Stationary Screen
  • Operate Stationary Crusher
  • Operate Stationary Conveyor/Radial Stacker Conveyor

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